Kaza Analytics

Cloud-scale Advanced Analytics and Deep Machine Learning for Actionable Insights


Facial Recognition

Detect, Recognize and Track a face in a Live and On Demand video stream

License Plate Recognition

Detect, Match and Store License Plate images and text captured by camera

Intrusion Detection

Monitor video feeds from CCTV systems, recognize intrusion by people or vehicles and report it

Zone Monitoring

Capture, record and monitor video feeds coming from one or more video network cameras

Line Crossing

Define boundaries and thereon be able to monitor and raise alert as objects move in & out of the defined boundary lines

Object Movement Detection

Dumb camera, smart software – detect motion in video stream even if camera can’t, lower cost by shifting intelligence to backend

Crowd Size Estimation

Get fair estimate of size of the crowd or gathering, can be used for discrete people counting as well if scenario requires

Emotion Detection

Analyze video stream in real time to track facial expressions and emotions in various human interaction scenarios

Rich Analytics and Dashboarding

Deep Machine Learning based analytics on data from multiple sources for rich reporting and visualization